In the end of august, in kiev region is going to be an anarchistic camp. At this event is planning to be lectures, workshops, and trainings. Full camp program, time, check-in, location and all necessary information you will receive through the feedback (email) by confirmation of your participation. Email us on: revdiacontacts(at) At the camp you are required to have: – tent, sleeping Although , protests in Hamburg is long past, repressive organ is continuing its work against activists. Now, 51 alterglobalists are awaiting trial. They are threatened by large imprisonments of up to 10 years. There are a lot of anarchists from different countries and cities had been already gone out on the streets to support the prisoners. Anarchists from Kiev had Kiyv anarchists made action of solidarity with anarchist from Lviv, Ukraine. In february nazis from Azov attacked our comrade with knifes and metal-sticks. After that police from Lviv tried to arrest Taras, charging him in attack on nazis. If our comrade will be accused, we will be prepared to resistance against police and nazis! Take your hands off Taras Bogay! Kiyv anarchists have attacked C14 building with molotov cocktail. C14 were famous for their anti-anarchists attacks before and while Maydan in Ukraine. For example, C14 threatened to attack to anarchists if they creat their selfdefense squad at Maydan, so anarchists have refused this idea. Neo-nazi activist from Mizanthropic Division has been attacked by anarchists. This nazi activist was also weapon seller, owned his far-right group in social network and actively encouraged his companions to RaHoWa. He has written that he is ready to fight “like a dead man” on his page in social network. Apparently, he has been wrong.