Our Manifest

We, Revolutionary Action, are proclaiming with this manifesto the birth of a new anarchist force.

We – the followers of Makhno – believe that capitalism and the state – are the tools of oppression of the working people of Ukraine and the world. We – all the oppressed and discontented, all deceived and robbed, all those who are not lucky enough to be born in a family of tycoon, officer or deputy – seek justice and truth.

Bullet for a Bourget, rope for a cop!

From Zheleznyak to Makhno – Ukrainian people have always been fighting for the right to live freely and to control their own life, to organize economy. Makhnovism was an expression of the will of the working masses: they denied both the power of gentry of Ukrainian republic and Bolshevik commissars.

Peace to the hovels – war to palaces!

We do not believe the parties – they serve the selfish interests of the capitalists. We do not believe the church – it promotes slavery and submission to the rich and the officials. Existing social and political institutions do not meet and can not meet the needs of the people, so they should be replaced by more progressive forms of social organization.

Autority creates parasites – long live anarchy!

We believe that society should be organized on the principle of continuous direct democracy in the form of working people’s assemblies. Only such a social organization will allow efficient use of the earth’s resources, which is enough to meet the needs of people.

Long live the social revolution!

We are against any form of discrimination. We are against discrimination against women, which is promoted in the church, religion, and “progressive” philosophical trends. We are against discrimination against migrants, who are forced by the capital to leave their homes. We are against discrimination based on skin color. We are against discrimination on grounds of age.

With the oppressed against the oppressors – always!

We believe that every nation has the right for self-determination, which is reflected in the free use of their own language and other cultural attributes. We believe that only the brotherhood of all peoples will help to fully realize the right to self-determination of each people and enrich human culture. We are opposed to nationalism. We believe that all people have an equal right for the enjoyment of land.

For international solidarity!

Terrible death to the exploiters, decent life to poor people!