Anarchistic camp near Kiev

In the end of august, in kiev region is going to be an anarchistic camp. At this event is planning to be lectures, workshops, and trainings.
Full camp program, time, check-in, location and all necessary information you will receive through the feedback (email) by confirmation of your participation. Email us on: revdiacontacts(at)

At the camp you are required to have:

– tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat
– traveling utensil (dishes, plates, etc.)
– food for that quantity of days that you are planing to stay at the camp
– personal hygiene products , medical box (individual), lantern
– 100 hryvnas minimum for a passage

Don’t forget about occupational safety. Clothing, that you will be wearing in the event, and that clothing, with which you are going to get on the place of assembly/meeting, should be unnoticeable , without any identifying marking (merch, anarchistic/left symbolics).

Don’t tell anybody where exactly are you going, mobile phone is needed to be turned off before your journey to location and it is needed to be not turned on before your arriving to the city after the end of the camp.

It is very important for us following this rules by all people, for the safety of all members.